Don’t get mad! Just get glad Please

I thought I was making the right decision to combine my blog with my website. Well, I was wrong!!!!! yes, I admit it. I realized the blog associated with the website was way to inferior to WordPress. Therefore, I have returned. Yea!!!!!!! “Honey, I’m Home!!!!”

Are You an Entrepreneur or a Small Business Owner?

The word Entrepreneur was first coined in 1723 by a Irish-French man. Over many, many years the term changed. The latest change was in 1985, the word Entrepreneur meant,”A person who starts a new business where there was none before.” In 1975, Howard Stevenson said, “Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources … Continue reading

Entrepreneurship Starts From Within

As a Christian Entrepreneur I have run into a lot of other Entrepreneurs both successful and failing. I have helped several people start or grow a small business. What never changes is the attitude. I found that you can be as Positive as Vincent Peale was, and never succeed to the level you desire. Van … Continue reading

How to Stretch Your Grocery Dollars

Develop a Budget and create a grocery list to coincide with your paycheck. Plan Dinner Menu for the month and buy food for breakfast, lunch and only those things needed to 2 weeks on the menu. Do this every 2 weeks. This prevents you from just grabbing stuff off the shelfs and wondering what to … Continue reading

God’s Global/Universal Life Insurance Policy

God’s Global/Universal Life Insurance Policy By Sharron Williams-Creator Copyright ©November 10, 2012 by Sharron Williams. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. No part of this policy may be used or reproduced in any manner via any electronically over the Internet or other devices, nor shall it be printed in any manner … Continue reading