Starting your Day to Prosperity

Have you ever wondered why your days don’t go well? Why did your proposal get rejected? Why a potential client didn’t sign on after meeting with him or her for hours? The other day I realized that I hadn’t planned my days. I write down my plan for the next day, but I rarely spent time the night before visualizing how I wanted my day to go. The other day I was reading a book by Catherine Ponder. For those of you who have never heard of her. She is a Pioneer of the Law of Attraction. She has written many books on living a life of prosperity through the laws of attraction. Well, in one of her chapters she wrote about how she use to start her days. She would affirm goodness for her day and then visualize how she wanted her days to go. She writes,” In the morning I always sit quietly for a few minutes, often with a cup of coffee, while I think of my day and the many big and little things I wish to see accomplished by myself and others.” She goes on to write, ” I make lists of those desired accomplishments…….I usually write a note of thanks to God at the end of that list for the “divine fulfillment and the divine achievements.”I usually write out my plans for each day but I have rarely visualized or gave thanks in advance to God for the day unfolding the way I wanted it. I use to visualize my days or affirmed my days when I worked for others, When I was a nurse at a hospital. I use to visualize my patients all discharging each day, and not getting any more admissions. It worked to a degree. Recently, I use to visualize myself at work and that my employer would be gone most of the day so I could focus on doing something else rather than put up with her crazy behaviors.

Now that I am self-employed, I need to start my days visualizing how I want my days to be. Visualize my clients each day, and the amount of money I desire each day,each week, and each month. How about you, how are you gonna start your days?



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