Posted in August 2012

Need Your Assistance to Reach My Goal

Dear Readers, I know that I have some followers of this blog. I ask that if you enjoy reading my blog that you would sign up for the Free Email newsletter. I won’t be sending you all these emails on various programs or products on a daily basis. My E-Zine will contain more information on … Continue reading

What is Prayer?

Prayer is Spiritual. True prayer is the attitude of our heart and mind. It is Receiving and thanksgiving.  When we pray we must relax prior to our prayer time, and let go so that your prayer is effective. We must enter into his gates with Thanksgiving and praise. We must enter into His presence unburden. … Continue reading

Affirmations for Success and Prosperity

Here are a list of Affirmations I hope will bless you!   1. Success and Good Fortune flow tow me in a River of Abundance. 2. I Attract Success and Proseprity with all My ideas. Therefore, Success and Achievement are a natural outcome for me. 3. All My thoughts, plans, and ideas lead me right … Continue reading

Creating a Blog/Building A Business

I thought I knew all about blogging and getting traffic to my blog site. Well, it’s hard to say it but I didn’t. I went through some old notes and realized I still had a lot of work to do to increase traffic to my blog. With this said, I would like it if you … Continue reading

What Happens When Christians Use The Law of Attraction?

Everything you wanted to know about prayer and using the Law of Attraction (loa) to receive what you desire, but were afraid to understand. That’s how it is with so many Christians seeking answers to their prayers. Many Christians have a difficult time allowing prosperity and good into their lives because their parents or preacher … Continue reading