Effective Strategies to Manifest Money!

This past week I wanted teen dollars to buy some hair care products. I don’t like using credit cards, and I didn’t want to take it from the family budget. I told myself if I could not manifest the $10.00 I wanted then I didn’t need the products. So, I did my manifest money technqiues to see what would happen. Here’s what I did and the results:

  1. I said a simple but powerful affirmation. “Money, Money, Money. Manifest thyself here and now in rich Abundance.” I said this affirmation for 10 mins. each day.
  2. I wrote out the  same affirmation 10 times.
  3. I visualized money falling down from heaven upon me.
  4. Then I watched my favorite money videos from youtube: http://youtu.be/P2fPkwq-tC0; http://youtu.be/q9O30-NIVjA; http://youtu.be/dsE3dwIg-fU and http://youtu.be/MB6QhoB6GWQ.
  5. Last, I just said a simple prayer to God while combing my hair. “Lord, I would like $10.00 for my hair products.”

I started doing this on Monday, by Monday afternoon I had a relative by me a tank of gas for my SUV. On Tuesday while grocery shopping I found a penny in the parkinglot at Walmart. I wanted to ignore it, but the Universe told me to pick it up and bless it (Owee-germs).  Thank goodness I had sanitizers in my car. Yuk! Anyway, I blessed it and placed it in my purse. Then I went down the street to King Soopers for the rest of my groceries (had great sales this week). I found another penny in the parkinglot. Of course I picked it up, cleaned it, blessed it and dropped it in my purse.  On Wednesday a relative asked me to take them to the store. I did since I had a tank of gas. I took her to the bank and to the store next to each other. After helping the relative unload her 3 bags of groceries, she gave me $10.00.

Money, Money, Money. Manifest thyself here and now in Rich Abundance!

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