Affirmations for Success and Prosperity

Here are a list of Affirmations I hope will bless you!


1. Success and Good Fortune flow tow me in a River of Abundance.

2. I Attract Success and Proseprity with all My ideas. Therefore, Success and Achievement are a natural outcome for me.

3. All My thoughts, plans, and ideas lead me right to Higher Success. Prosperity and Success comes to me naturally.

4. My unique and creative talents flow through me and I know there is a huge demand for my products or service. Wonderful Opportunities are knowcking my my door.

5. My management skills opens new doors of Opportunities for me. I ascend to a higher management level with ease, and a higher salary.

6. I am Abundant, Prosperous and Wealthy. Thank you God!

7. My Abundance continues to grow, expand and flourish. I am Grateful!

8. I deserve Abundance, Success, and Great Health. I am Healthy, Happy, and Wealthy!

9. It is God WHo Gives Me the Ability to Create Wealth!

10. Money and riches are as abundant as air. I breathe in my Prosperity Now!


Please enjoy!


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