What is an E-Zine and What is Living in Abundance?

An Ezine is an online newsletter filled with information. Some people fill their e-zine with fluff and boring details about their family vacation or children. Living in Abundance E-Zine is not like the typical Ezine.You see, I’m not a coach. I don’t offer coaching classes, or try to sell you my video series on the Philosophy of the law of attraction. I just want to share with you some particle techniques that I know will bring abundance into your life.

I have been where some of you are today. Struggling, praying, struggling and wondering where is God and why hasn’t he help me build my business. After reading and studying about the Law of Attraction, I started attracting everything. I attracted my gift store, and the customers. Some days sales would be so low, then I’d go in the supply closet and begin to visualize my store full of customers. Guess what? I’d come out of the closet and there would be people walking around with their shopping baskets ready to purchase. Why heck, I even visualized the store. Gosh, I had a strong burning desire for a store in less than 6 months I was opening my Giftbasket business. So I understand. I’m with you!

So your question to me is- “Why would you want to sign up for my Ezine?” The Answer is: If you….

  • Want to start or grow your business
  • You are a Christian or “Spiritual person” and you want to know how to use the Law of Attraction techniques to support God’s Prosperity Principles.
  • Start to fret or worry if God heard your prayers and wonder if He will bless you
  • Need Support
  • Tired of systems and programs that don’t work but makes others rich!

If you said yes to any of the above statements then Living in Abundance is what you need to help change your situation and assist you in growing a profitable business. Living in Abundance is published on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. My goal is to provide you with inspirational stories, wealth building scriptures and how to apply them to the Law of Attraction, ideas for using the many techniques for attracting abundance into your life and business, resources, and yes any new products we create. It’s All Free!

Here’s how to Subscribe: Go to my website http://attractmorebusinessnow-com.webs.com and enter your name and email in the box on the right side of the page. You will then receiveĀ  information on the Ezine and a link to a free MP3 download entitled, ” Attracting Clients to You and Your Business” by my friend Mikyla Garrett who is a hypnotherapist. It is great!

Thank you for subscribing and I wish you Blessings in Abundance!


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