Prosperity Prayer by Lynn A. Robinson and a Prosperity Contract with God

Lynn A. Robinson, Catherine Ponder and several other Prosperity Pioneers have written prayers for prosperity. Unfortunately, I lost one that I had received as a gift. Therefore, I’m just going to post one that Ms. Lynn A. Robinson wrote in her book,”Real Prosperity”. I love that book! Here it is:

“Dear God-I surrender my financial affairs and concerns about money to your Divine care and love. I ask that you remove my worries, anxieties, and fears about money and replace them with faith.

I know and trust that all my debts will be paid and money will flow into my life. I have only to look to nature to see proof of the abundance you provide.

I release all negative thoughts about money and know that prosperity is my true state. I commit to being grateful for all that I now have in my life. I learn to manage my finances wisely, seeking help where needed.

And finally, I ask you to help me understand to purpose in life and to act on that purpose with courage and strength. I know that prosperity will come, in part, by doing work I love.

Please help me use my skills and knowledge to be of service in the world.


Thank you, God. Amen.

You can also see the video on youtube at:, N4


Here is a Prosperity Contract.  I may have created this contract after I finished LNC course or I received this from someone in 2010 and do not know where it came from but here it is:

THIS AGREEMENT, effective the___ day of ________20___, by and between (you) dba (your business name), and God, the Universe and Jesus Christ, hereinafter referred to as Spirit.

Spirit, hereby collaborates with (you), and promises to supply all of her needs according to His (God) riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (you) will not fret, worry or fear about her daily, weekly, or monthly needs. However, in all things with prayer, and faith, continue to make all her request known to the Universe. For God Who cares for the birds, flowers, and other critters, is (you) not much more valuable than they are?

(you) understands and agrees that she (he) will no longer get in the way of Spirit manifesting good into her (his) life in appropriate time, just when she (he) needs it. (you) understands and agrees to manage her energy so that she will achieve success and prosperity in her (his) LIFE.

(you) shall demand of herself persistent, continuous actions that will EMPOWER HER (HIM) to help create wealth, success, prosperity, peace, happiness, and good health.

WHEREAS, Spirit will perform duties, miracles, or blessings as promised to bring about the desires of (you)’s heart, and make all her plans succeed. Spirit is magnified, who hath pleasure in the prosperity of his daughter(son)/partner.

Spirit shall bless (you) so that she (he) may be a blessing to others.

This written agreement contains the sole and entire agreement between the parties pertaining to the subject matter herein. No modification or waiver of this agreement shall be binding unless something better is manifested for (you)’s highest goods, and all those concerned.

Signed by (you name) and sealed by the Holy Spirit!

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4 thoughts on “Prosperity Prayer by Lynn A. Robinson and a Prosperity Contract with God

  1. I used to have a poverty mentality because certain NT verses confused me. But I forgot that over and over in the OT the Bible promises prosperity if we do certain things. Joshua 1:8, Psalm 1, and many others.
    I am reading a book by Catherine Ponder, in it she notes that Jesus was rich from a young age, because the Magi would not bring only a little gold, frankincense and myrrh, but a lot. That was worth a lot of money. Also, if you could feed 20,000 people you would be considered rich, Jesus fed the 5000 and that was just the number of men, with women and kids it was probably 20k. When Jesus needed temple tax he created the money for it and had the disciple get it from a fishes mouth. There are many, many other indications Jesus was rich. His garment was seamless, they gambled for it, etc, etc. Come and leave your blog link in comments on my blog any time. Love your post!!

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