Don’t Let the Steam Out the Pot Until the Meal is Done!

Yesterday was Labor Day here in the US. I had the day all planned. I was going to write for my 3 blogs, check out some new apps on the internet, and write a proposal for a class I want to teach at the DU Free University.

All was going well until 11:30 when my favorite aunt called and wanted me to go help her with a family situation. I looked at my husband and we both knew that if I did get involved in this situation, I’d be gone for 2-3 hours. I had no choice really since the situation involved my mother and I didn’t want to be known as the “Bad Daughter”.  So I went! Needless to say, I was gone for 7.5 hours. 7.5 hours dealing with somebody else’s problem! Something that could have and should have been resolved a long time ago, but didn’t.

I’m sure many of you are shaking your heads and saying I can relate. But do you do when you have negative family members and friends that pull you into their drama? What can you say or do to protect your energy from the time stealers, naysayers, and doubts that you have to live with. Many Law of Attraction Gurus and books will tell you to let go of negative people. That’s easy to do and say if you’re not married to or living with a negative person. My solution to this situation is to demonstrate your strength and belief in what you want to accomplish and here’s how:

  1. Keep reading and listening to Law of Attraction books and CD’s.
  2. Write in your journal every day. Write the positives you want to see accomplished with your relationship with that negative person.
  3. Keep quiet about your goals or dreams until it materializes. If your spouse does not support you try accomplishing your dream or goal someplace else like your basement, friend’s house, library, or on the job. I you are building an internet business and no one supports you, then work on your business at lunch time each day. Or work on it while your spouse is at work. If it’s an outside relative, then ignore their phone calls until you are ready to talk with them.
  4. Find someone to support you. A friend, family member, or co-worker. Have someone to talk to and someplace to go to work at if you can’t do it at home.

My husband and I were on always on the same page about having our own business. When we were dating we spent 80% of our time together talking about building a business. And we did. One year after our marriage my husband started a Senior and handicapped business we operated for 10 years. I then started a gift basket business that I operated for 5 years. Now we are at it again. We don’t tell our families what we are doing because they don’t understand and to tell you the truth. Some don’t want us to succeed so they’ll use all their tactics to try and make us fail. There was a saying in a book I read that said, “Don’t let the steam out the pot until the meal is done!” For those who may not understand, this means. Don’t go around telling everyone what your plans are until you have already accomplished it!

When my husband and I went to buy our second home after renting for a short while, we never told anyone our plans until we had closed on the house and moved into our new home. My family was shocked and mad. They were mad because we did not include them in our plans, our house hunting adventures, or the financing of our home.  Sadly, this is what you may have to do to accomplish your dreams, and goals of building a successful business.

Have A Great Day! And remember, “Don’t let the Steam out the Pot until the Meal is done!”


6 thoughts on “Don’t Let the Steam Out the Pot Until the Meal is Done!

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