Transforming Yourself to Greatness

“.….for the LORD his God was with him and made him exceedingly great.” 2 Chronicles 1:1. This scripture was in regards to King Solomon, King David’s son. I read this scripture last year while I was in the position of Director of Clinical Services for a home healthcare agency. This position is the second in command position. I loved this job, the status and respect that came with this title. I knew that in order for people to really take me serious, they needed to see me as a Great leader. I prayed this prayer several times last year, especially when my leadership may have been in question.

As a Trainer of healthcare professionals and Speaker, I still want God to bless me and make me exceedingly great at what I do. I pray for wisdom, knowledge, comprehension of information and the ability to process new information on the topics I present. I know that as I present myself as a very knowledgeable person the word will get around and more opportunities will open for me. How about you?

What steps do you take to demonstrate your knowledge beyond your customer/client’s expectations? Below is a list of steps you can take to transform yourself to greatness:

·       Pray for God to transform you and make you exceedingly great like King Solomon.

·       Read, study, and read some more about the type of business you are in and on providing “Knock their Socks off Customer service.

·       Visualize, affirm, and self talk yourself into greatness.

·      Aim High and shoot for the stars.

·       Shake of negative people and negative thoughts.

·       Engulf yourself with positive people, books, CDs, and other materials that will feed your mind and empower you to make wonderful changes in the way you conduct business, and view yourself.

Oprah told her audience one day she knew she was destined for greatness. Some people perceived that as arrogance. I perceived it as her way of taking charge and affirming her future as a highly successful talk show host. Do you feel that you are worthy of the same attitude that Oprah has? I do! I believe, know and feel that I am destined for Greatness. I didn’t always feel this way. It was only until I read 2 Chronicles 1:1 and heard Oprah that I too needed to adopt that same attitude.

Why? Because God said, that he made me the head and not the tail… above only and never beneath (Deuteronomy 28: 13). God’s Word says we are more than Conquerors through him that loved us (Romans 8:37).  Now do whatever you need to do to transform your business and yourself to become Exceedingly Great!


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