How to Disassociate with Negative People

(I wrote this Post at the begnning of the month while I was terriblly sick. I forgot about it until now)

If you want to be successful in anything, you are going to have to learn how to deal with negative people. Sometimes negative people can be the spark successful people need to keep going. How many times have you heard people say, ”My teacher said I’ll never become anything worthwhile”? I remember my high school counselor telling me not to go to nursing school. He said, “Stick to being a Nurses Aid. Black people make great Nurses Aids.” Well, of course I listened to his advice (Not!) I was more determined to prove that I could become a nurse. I did become a Registered Nurse. I have been a nurse for 27 years now. What’s my point? Negative people are always going to be in our lives. There is no disassociating with negative people most of the time.

Negative people will unknowingly try to place stumbling blocks in your life out of fear. Family members and best friends with good intentions will talk you out of a great job opportunity, a new car, a nicer house, a wonderful love relationship, business, and the list goes on.

Don’t waste your time on the opinions of naysayers! If you have wonderful dreams you desire to achieve then you’re going to have to learn how to stand up to those who don’t support you. Some people will have jealous spirits within them to try and discourage you from buying your dream car, or from starting a business, or yet from getting that big beautiful forever home you want to buy. So what should you do with your negative friends or family member(s) who want to discourage them? Below is a list of ideas in how to handle those who discourage.

1.   Be strong and focus on your dreams! Build your self-confidence

2.   Don’t tell too many people about your dreams and goals. Keep quiet about your desires. Share them only with people you know will support you.

3.  Start having Great talks with yourself!

4.  Use ”Spiritual” charm on negative people.

5.  Get a new circle of friends. Start associating yourself with people with like-minds. People who are successful or are headed in the same direction you wish to be headed to.

6.   Don’t hang out with old friends and family members who have nothing else to do all day but watch Jerry Springer and other trash TV shows. Let the next reality show be about “How You Made Your Millions!”

7.   Express Love and Goodwill to those who will accept it.

8.   Think BIG! Remember if one door shuts, God will use other channels to help you reach your goals.

9.   Never become discouraged or disappointed by what others say in a effort to hold you back as you begin to rise to new levels of success and prosperous thinking. It’s just a sign that you are succeeding and that others realize it and are fearful of what all you will achieve. They are only hurting themselves.

10.  When you’re by yourself take a deep breath and give thanks for the success that you are Now  manifesting and spend your time reading Prosperity books or listening to CDs that support your dream.

Remember, God mad you the head and not the tail. Above only and never beneath! Cod has made you more than a Conqueror through Christ Jesus!!!!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “How to Disassociate with Negative People

  1. This is a great reminder to us all! We don’t have to settle for spending any of our time around negative people. In some work situations I’ve been forced to associate with negative people, so I learned to be polite and professional, but steered away from there for anything more than a working relationship. It’s very harmful to have toxic people in your life.

  2. I look at some of those around me and realize that not everyone is able to move away from the negative. Sometimes poverty, neglect, ignorance and the like can keep people in a bondage outside of their own willingness to move from it.
    The efforts made might become sabotaged at times.
    Maybe I need to be praying for them more than I have been.
    Love the article, thumbs up. I guess it just made my own understanding of this life a little more complex somehow.
    Pray for me as I continue through a journey not my own, yet ready to move on to my own.
    That’s when I say “God, it’s not about me when you are first. Where I go, you go. Help me be the person you need me to be in order to see your will done.”
    Thanks again,

    ….who is appreciating the little things God shows me, at this moment.

    PS. Check out our site, I’m in the pink. *hint* and hello ahead of time.

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