Anger, Fear, Bitterness- Not something God wants!

OMG!!!! I just spent the last 2 day having a conversation with another Christian who has a poor outlook on life. Sadly to say this person is in a position to do more good in life than what I believe she is doing.

As most of you know I share the Gospel with the Law of Attraction. Is it a Scam? No it is not. I believe that the Law of Attraction is based off of God”s Word!!!!!!!! So What’s the problem?

Is Joel Osteen a phony? No, he is not!!!!! He preaches the same principles that I do but in a different way. Is Pastor Bill Winston a phony? NO, I don’t think so!!!!! He too believes that God wants us to prosper, and preaches this from his pulpit!!! Again in different words.

What people don’t understand is that we use the Laws of Attraction everyday regardless if we want to or not. It is a fact of life. When you daydream about a car, house , relationship, promotion ect…. This is all called Visualization! When we say things about ourselves, or others we are affirming our good or bad things into our lives. So why are Christians Afraid of something they already do? Why are we angry at others who utilize the Law of Attraction to accomplish goals, or turn their dreams into reality?

I love God’s Word, and I love that God has shown me how to get my act together, get out of debt and accomplish things that he not only wants me to do, but that I want to do!!!!. Should other Christians be mad at me, criticize me, be bitter because I want to share the tremendous experience with others?

What I say to other Christians who do not want to share in this experience with me or others who do, STOP!!!!!!!! Please, why waste all that energy? I know that eventually God will reveal His same wisdom with you!!!!!!!!!

Take Care and God Bless!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Anger, Fear, Bitterness- Not something God wants!

  1. I find people that don’t understand faith feel Osteen is a phony. Warren is really good too, i used to work for him, and i know he is a godly man. But no one is perfect, all preachers have their faults.

  2. This is a great article!! I love the way you truly say what’s on your mind. It’s refreshing to read an article by someone who is so authentic and willing to put their true feelings out there. You’ll never please everyone unfortunately. Thanks for standing by what you feel and honestly expressing yourself and your thoughts!

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