I need your help Please!!!!!!

As a Law of Attraction Blogger, I would like to know what I can offer my readers, so if you don’t mind could you please reply to this post. What I would like to know is:

1. What is pressing in your business? What keeps you up at night?

2. What topics would you like me to cover if I can I will do my best?

3. Would you be interested in marketing information as well?

Thank you!!!!!!!

**********************Coming Soon**************************

The 30- Day Prosperity Challenge!!!!!!!!


9 thoughts on “I need your help Please!!!!!!

    • I hope I don’t loose this comment. I lost the one I wrote earlier. Here are a few Ideas I know of that I don’t mind sharing with you since you are a Great inspiration to me.
      1. Send a Press Release to various TV and radio stations.
      2. Write letters to Civic Organizations asking to speak to their group.
      3. Attend Book publishers conventions.
      4. Do a joint venture with someone that can compliment your book.
      5. I took a few books to localmerchants and book stores to have them sell on consignment.
      6. Attend Business Expos
      7. Write articles for community papers.
      I hope these ideas will help!

    • There are no secrets to the Law of Attraction!!!!!! There is no secret society to use the Law of Attraction. People use the Law of Attraction every day!!!!!!! Wen you day dream about a car, a relationship, a new job that is the Law of Attraction. I teach Christians how to use Scriptures to Manifest their good in life. They can and will be successful by combining God’s Word with Deliberate Manifesting!!!!! There is no Voo-doo or Hocus-Pocus to the process. You don’t have to be specially trained on the Law of Attraction. if so then I learned from the Master-God Himself!!!!!!!

  1. No need to get upset about the comment from YourPassionToReality, it is obvious u know what u r talking about and there is certainly no need for specific settings. Keep posting your great posts!!

  2. I would like to read how the law of attraction has worked for you. What you’ve learned from using the law of attraction and why it has been valuable in your life. Love your blog. I think you are doing a fantastic job!

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