Why are some Law of Attraction Gurus or Coaches Upset with me?

I have always said that I am not a coach or Law of Attraction Guru! I am a Christian Entrepreneur led by God to write about the “Truth” regarding the Law of Attraction. God wrote the rules on the Law of Attraction. Most of what is taught regarding the Law of Attraction you can find in the Bible. No Secret!!!!!!!!!

You don’t have to take a special course, or pay thousands of dollars for some Hoccus-Poccusssssss training program!!!! You don’t have to go to some far away island and sit in a lotus position chanting!!!!!!

If you are a Christian, then all you have to do is read God’s Word and compare it to the information written in books such as “The Secret”. What “The Secret” and other books and Guru’s talk about is found in the Bible if people would read it!!!!!!

What did Jesus say in Matthew 21:22-“If you Believe, you will Receive whatever you ask for.” Simple!!! God is not as complicated as many people think he is. His Word was written so that ALL can believe!!!!!!

There’s enough room in this Universe for everyone’s opinion, thoughts, or message. This is a free Universe!!! The Internet is a wonderful tool for all of us to enjoy, spread our messages for any one to read, receive, and enjoy!!!!!!!

Just because some of the Law of Attraction Coaches spent thousands upon thousands  of dollars for classes  for the information you can get for just the cost of a few Law of Attraction books and the Bible- I’m sorry! Read it and Absorb the information and let God instruct you.

So where did I get my Law of Attraction training? From the Master Himself-God!!!!! I have been using the Law of Attraction to deliberately manifest my good since 1982 (probably before some of you and most Guru’s or coaches were born). So don’t get upset with me if I choose to write about the Law of Attraction using Christian Beliefs.

Thank you and have a Great Day!!!!!!


One thought on “Why are some Law of Attraction Gurus or Coaches Upset with me?

  1. Wonderful post, yes, the information is there in the Bible but very few Christians seem to be able to grasp it (I’m a Christian). Jesus talks about faith being the key to answered prayer about 4 dozen times in the Gospels, but most church going people don’t seem to recognize that. The law of faith is the law of attraction. Also, i have moved many times so i have been in many churches and i find that very few churches teach how to have strong prayer-faith. Very few churches teach people to pray the way God taught Moses, all the OT people of faith and all the NT disciples. The apostles said “In Jesus name get up and walk!” in Acts, but so many church goers ignore that and stick with the prayer “Oh Lord, if it might be your will, would you heal this lame man?” I find when we don’t do things God’s way we don’t get blessed.

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