Entrepreneurship Starts From Within

As a Christian Entrepreneur I have run into a lot of other Entrepreneurs both successful and failing. I have helped several people start or grow a small business. What never changes is the attitude. I found that you can be as Positive as Vincent Peale was, and never succeed to the level you desire. Van Gogh, a brilliant painter yet he died poor. It was his brother who had to bury him. After his Van Gogh’s death his paintings are now worth millions.

What happens or where do people go wrong when they don’t succeed? The answer could be that these people give up and give in too soon. You may as positive as Napoleon Hill, and never succeed if you never get off the same merry-go-round. As a business person you have to take risks, step out the box at times. Step back and look at the over all picture. A couple of times I have found myself in a rut. I’d be doing my deliberate manifesting routine, and then one morning I realize I need to change the music and dance to a different tone. It’s when I realize I am in a rut and make changes that I feel better about myself, my future, and my business.

There’s more to being in business other than going into Direct Sales, a MLM, buying a Franchise, or creating your own product or service. You have to have a heart for what you do. You have to be enthused about the product or service you offer. You have to be the person that glows and talks non-stop when someone asks, “what do you do?”

Do you know why so many people in Direct Sales/MLM aren’t successful? Because of FEAR! They are afraid to tell others what they sell or do. You may see them secretively trying to sell at a networking meeting out of fear of  how others will react to them. So they spend months and a few years giving their money away to the Direct Sales/MLM company before they decide to close the chapter on that part of their lives.

#1 Rule- if you’re not fully sold on your product or service, don’t expect anyone else to be thrilled either! As an Entrepreneur you need to be bubbling and bursting at the seams wanting to share what you do or sell. When you love your business, you are the last to go to bed at night because you’re planning for the future, studying your product more , reading industry magazines or books. You’re engulfed by your product or service. It’s a joy to you when you spend extra time thinking about your business in a positive way. You have a burning desire inside you. This burning desire is the thing that will bless you to be successful in business. It’s that burning desire that fills you full of positive energy that allows you to attract your good, your abundance. Yes, your wealth!


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