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Don’t get mad! Just get glad Please

I thought I was making the right decision to combine my blog with my website. Well, I was wrong!!!!! yes, I admit it. I realized the blog associated with the website was way to inferior to WordPress. Therefore, I have returned. Yea!!!!!!! “Honey, I’m Home!!!!” Advertisements

Affirmation from Sandy Froster

Abundance Affirmation   I am Unlimited! I now consciously and subconciously flood every atom of my body, mind and spirit with Prosperity Consciousness. I bless everyone in the Universe to have Abundnace and Prosperity. I give myself permission to deserve and expect Abundance and Prosperity. I call Abundance and Prosperity from the four corners of … Continue reading

Transforming Yourself to Greatness

“.….for the LORD his God was with him and made him exceedingly great.” 2 Chronicles 1:1. This scripture was in regards to King Solomon, King David’s son. I read this scripture last year while I was in the position of Director of Clinical Services for a home healthcare agency. This position is the second in … Continue reading

What is Prayer?

Prayer is Spiritual. True prayer is the attitude of our heart and mind. It is Receiving and thanksgiving.  When we pray we must relax prior to our prayer time, and let go so that your prayer is effective. We must enter into his gates with Thanksgiving and praise. We must enter into His presence unburden. … Continue reading

Affirmations for Success and Prosperity

Here are a list of Affirmations I hope will bless you!   1. Success and Good Fortune flow tow me in a River of Abundance. 2. I Attract Success and Proseprity with all My ideas. Therefore, Success and Achievement are a natural outcome for me. 3. All My thoughts, plans, and ideas lead me right … Continue reading