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Don’t get mad! Just get glad Please

I thought I was making the right decision to combine my blog with my website. Well, I was wrong!!!!! yes, I admit it. I realized the blog associated with the website was way to inferior to WordPress. Therefore, I have returned. Yea!!!!!!! “Honey, I’m Home!!!!” Advertisements

I need your help Please!!!!!!

As a Law of Attraction Blogger, I would like to know what I can offer my readers, so if you don’t mind could you please reply to this post. What I would like to know is: 1. What is pressing in your business? What keeps you up at night? 2. What topics would you like … Continue reading

Affirmation from Sandy Froster

Abundance Affirmation   I am Unlimited! I now consciously and subconciously flood every atom of my body, mind and spirit with Prosperity Consciousness. I bless everyone in the Universe to have Abundnace and Prosperity. I give myself permission to deserve and expect Abundance and Prosperity. I call Abundance and Prosperity from the four corners of … Continue reading

When all else fails……….. Be Still…….

The demands of life can seem overwhelming at times.  As Christian business owners we have a powerful weapon we sometimes forget to use.  When we reach the end of our rope we need to simply be still.  Even the scriptures exhorts us to “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). I had … Continue reading

Billfold Prayer

Bless this billfold, Lord, I pray. Replenish it from day to day. May the bills flow in and out, blessing people all about. Help me earn and wisely spend. Show me what to buy and lend. Thank you, God for bills to pay, for the things I need today. When it’s empty, fill it more, … Continue reading